Pathways to Independence* provides housing choices and connections to personal care support for seniors and people with physical disabilities who are enrolled in Medicaid. The goal of the program is to move seniors and those with physical disabilities who are in institutional settings or a risk of being placed in such facilities and place them in sustainable community-based independent housing.  

A variety of services are offered to move towards living independently in a safe environment. Some services include: 
·    Assistance with locating housing
·    Arranging in-home medial services 
·    Financial assistance for housing (monthly subsidies, security deposit, household setup) 
·    Coordination of Services: (meals, nutrition planning, transportation, medical appointments, etc.)

The Pathways to Independence program is available to seniors and individuals with physical disabilities who are Medicaid eligible and who are currently homeless, in nursing homes or hospitals, or are at risk of nursing home placement. 

Must have active Medicaid.