Family Services


The Preventive Services Program is a partnership between The Salvation Army and the Onondaga County Department of Children and Family Services. The program provides high quality home based case management services to families with children experiencing challenges that may lead to safety risks. The Protective Factors from the evidence-based Strengthening Families Model are used to guide case planning, case coordination and counseling services. The primary goal of the Preventive Services Program is to keep children safely at home and therefore to keep families together in order for children to be the most successful. All goals are created in collaboration with clients in order to propel families towards growth.


Family Place is a collaboration between The Salvation Army, Onondaga County Department of Children and Family Services, Huntington Family Center and Catholic Charities. Visitation Services provide safe opportunities for parents to visit their children who are in foster care and/or relative placement. Two sites are equipped to provide moderate and strict supervision of family visits. Transportation is provided for children to and from visits. Initial and ongoing assessments are performed to determine the need for educational and clinical resources.  Visitation staff  intervene with families as needed to address safety concerns and provide ongoing feedback. Counseling is provided for families who are identified as having serious risks that create barriers to returning the children safely to their parent's care, and for those who need family centered clinical intervention.



The Domestic Violence Services programs have offered non-residential services in Onondaga County for over 30 years. These services offer assistance to individuals who have been victims of domestic violence and aim to reduce the potential for further conflict or instances of domestic violence.

Services offered include:

  • SAVES Visitation Program: offering clinically supervised visitation and exchange services for children to spend time with the non-custodial parent.
  • Clinical services: providing individualized counseling for adults, adolescence and children who have experienced domestic violence and needs additional support.
  • Group counseling: providing education and counseling in a group setting around different aspects of domestic violence and safety planning.



Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is an Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) blueprint model method of therapeutic intervention.  FFT is a short-term, high intensity, family therapy model that targets juvenile justice and/or child welfare concerns. FFT is a strength-based model built on a foundation of acceptance and respect. The program is primarily home based, serving families who reside in Onondaga County.   FFT offers specific and individualized interventions for the unique challenges, diverse qualities, and strengths of all families. The program is 12-14 sessions on average over 3 to 5 months, and has a success rate of 95%. The model targets youth with emotional or behavioral problems between the ages of 11-17 and their families. Families can be identified and referred by the juvenile justice system, child welfare system, school system, and mental health system. Referrals for the FFT program are made by the Onondaga County ACCESS Team. To contact ACCESS for a referral or questions about the FFT program please call, (315) 463-1100. 



Skill building services are for youth ages 0-21 designed to help youth build personal competence and independent living skills to achieve success at home, school, and in the community.  Activities are hands-on in community-based settings that are most natural to each the youth.  Youth receive one-on-one support from their skill builder weekly until goals are achieved.  Individualized services plans are developed for each youth based on their unique needs and goals.  Eligibility requirements for youth are Medicaid insurance coverage and a mental or behavioral health diagnosis.  

Who benefits from Skill Building?

  • Children and Families living in Onondaga County.  The identified youth must have Medicaid insurance and a previous mental health diagnosis or a current provider that can collaborate regarding mental health or behavioral needs that are presenting and would benefit from supportive services.  
  • Skill Building is beneficial because it gives youth and families an opportunity to learn and build skills in a very individualized and personal way according to the needs of the child in the context of their family and settings that are typical for them.  Youth meet with the same skill builder once or several times throughout each week to identify and build skill sets using activities and environments that match their learning styles and developmental needs.  Skill Builders can be part of a youth's larger team of providers if one exists so that the service is collaborative and complements other services treatment goals.  Skill Building is designed to work with the youth as long as required to help reduce behavioral health symptoms.  

Contact Breyanna Locke if interested in learning more. 315.479.3651