June 9-10, 2017
8th Annual Turn-Around Jumpers 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

for Men, Women, Youth and Corporations at the LeMoyne College Athletic Center


Turn Around Jumpers Basketball Tournament

Official Rules


  1. Each team will have 4 players with the registration information provided to The Salvation Army by the entry deadline. No substitutions will be made for players after game play begins.
  2. Players will not be allowed to participate on more than one team. Any player registered on two different teams will have to pick one team to play on before the tournament begins. Otherwise, that player will be disqualified from the tournament.
  3. Teams are placed within divisions based on the experience of the players on the team. All brackets will be based on the age and gender of the teams.  Except where specifically noted, there are no co-ed brackets.
  4. Wrist bands will be issued to every player; if the wrist band is removed, the player can no longer participate.
  5. No refunds will be given at any time.

Scoring, Live/Dead Ball and Possession                                                                                                                       

  1. 1 point will be awarded for each basket made. 1 point will be awarded for each free throw made. Two points will be awarded for each basket made behind the 3-point line.
  2. A coin toss will determine the initial possession, whoever wins the coin toss gets the ball first and the alternating possession process begins.
  3. Ball will be taken back behind the 3-point line and foul line extended on all changes of possession.
  4. The defensive player or game referee must check the ball before it is put into play. This will be decided at the beginning of the game. For play to begin, the offensive team passing the ball in must be behind the 3-point line/ foul line extended and must pass the ball in to a teammate.
  5. The first team to score 15 points wins the game.  To be declared the winner before the 15 minute mark, the winning team must have a two point lead.  At the 15 minute mark, whichever team has the lead wins, even if only by 1 point.  If after 15 minutes the score is tied, then the game goes into sudden death (coin toss to determine possession) - next team to score wins.


  1. Regulation games will have a 15-minute time limit. The clock will run continuously until the final 30 seconds, at which point will be stopped for dead balls (stopped play).
  2. If a team does not have at least 3 players ready to play within 5 minutes after their official start time they will forfeit the game.
  3. Player substitution is permitted during any dead ball situation. The substitute player is required to check in at the scorer’s table before entering the game.


  1. The top, sides and bottom of the backboard are inbounds. The metal support pieces and base unit of the backboard are out of bounds. Stepping on the baseline, sidelines and mid-court line is out of bounds.


  1. Treat referees with respect. Being less than cordial to the referees, scorekeepers, opponents and/or tournament officials will result in the offending player being suspended from the game or the tournament. Non-playing coaches/parents are not recognized as part of the team and will be asked to leave the event site if they become rude or unruly.  These decisions are at the discretion of Turn-Around Jumpers staff members.
  2. Team captains can ask the referee/division head to explain any rule. If there is a dispute between teams and referees, the division head will make the final, irrevocable ruling.  Time stoppage is at the discretion of the referee.


  1. After each non-shooting foul, the team awarded the ball will take possession of the ball behind the 3-point line.
  2. Non-Shooting Fouls:  No personal Fouls – only team fouls.  After 7 team fouls shoot 1 free throw.
  3. Shooting foul:  The shooter will have the choice to shoot a regular free throw or a 2 point shot from behind the 3 point line.  After every free throw change possession regardless of 1 or 2 point shot.
  4. Shooting Fouls with Basket Made (1 or 2 point shots):  Basket will count and one free throw will be awarded to the fouled player. On a make or a miss, change possession.
  5. Only one free throw will be awarded regardless of location on the floor (inside or outside 3 point line).
  6. Flagrant fouls will result in a free throw and possession of the ball. 
  7. After a technical foul, 2 free throws and resumption of play at the point of interruption.  If players receive 2 technical fouls, they are suspended from the present game.

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