Tonight our shelter staff will hear:

"I lost my job, and I can't feed my children..."

"I've been sleeping in my car, but it's just too cold..."

"I have nowhere to go..."

"...but I can't be separated from my kids."

"I have nothing left..."

However someone asks for help, 
The Salvation Army welcomes anyone in need.

At The Salvation Army, our doors are open every day - and night - of the year. Last year the generous support of donors like you empowered The Salvation Army in Syracuse to provide 35,162 nights of shelter to women and families and 22,967 nights of shelter to runaway and homeless youth. For just $99 you can give hope to a family of four that faces not only harsh weather but an even harsher reality.

Your gift today isn't just supplying shelter from cold temperatures and beds to a homeless family, but it also provides essential medical care, food, and necessary hygiene resources. Your donation will also combat long-term homelessness in Syracuse by connecting them to essential services and resources that meet their unique needs and places them firmly back on their feet. 

Your support builds hope in the broken, restores dignity to parents, provides a pipeline to permanent housing for families and keeps them together.


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